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Dr. Jasmine M. Ebron graduated from St. Mary’s College of Maryland with a B.A. in Biology and then worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative for two years. She continued her career as a Sales Professional for Sanofi-Aventis for an additional seven years before deciding to apply to pharmacy school. Dr. Ebron attended pharmacy school at the University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy, where she obtained not only her Doctor of Pharmacy Degree but also a certification in Geriatric and Palliative Care. Dr. Ebron did a PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency at Kaiser Permanente Mid- Atlantic States, where she received her training in ambulatory care. She currently works as a Primary Care Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Kensington, MD, for Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States.

Dr. Ebron, who is positive for the BRCA-1 gene mutation, was initially scheduled to have a prophylactic double mastectomy with reconstruction on March 27, 2020. However, due to COVID-19, her surgery was postponed. When she went for her mammogram in July, they found a mass that had not been detected on her previous mammogram in December of 2019. After being diagnosed with triple-negative invasive ductal carcinoma, her double mastectomy with reconstruction was rescheduled for August 13, 2020. After surgery, she underwent 14 rounds of chemotherapy over a five-month time period.

As a breast cancer survivor, Dr. Ebron is an active member of multiple cancer support groups where she continues connecting with and supporting others who have similar experiences. In her survivorship journey, she has remained committed to being as healthy as possible and dedicates her time encouraging others to get routine mammograms and other appropriate cancer screenings.

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