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We offer gift baskets for newly diagnosed cancer patients with a focus on, but not limited to, breast and ovarian cancer. We will also be promoting our “Battle Buddies”, which will encourage women who have recently been diagnosed to connect with a woman who is in remission and considered a cancer survivor. In addition, we will be selling encouragement baskets for anyone who may be going through a rough patch in general, not necessarily related to a cancer diagnosis.

Show your loved ones that you care for them! Encourage the people that you care for by sending them one of our gift baskets. Our gift baskets contain motivating items that can help them cope with their diagnoses and other worries.

  • Breast Cancer Gift Baskets (Small & Regular sizes)
  • Ovarian Cancer Gift Baskets (Small & Regular sizes)
  • Any Type of Cancer Gift Basket Per Request (Please indicate the type of cancer and which size basket you would prefer)
  • Encouragement Gift Baskets (Small & Regular sizes)

*Pricing varies (from $50 to $150) depending on size of basket and items included. We will discuss baskets, and pricing via email when you reach out to place an order for your basket. Once an order has been placed and acknowledged, the basket will be ready for pick up within a week!

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Aside from the services above, we also help people living with cancer connect with cancer survivors at no additional cost. To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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